2019 events

7:30 PM Nov. 8, 2019

The Third Man

7:30 PM Oct. 26, 2019

Guy Davis

Carol Reed directs Graham Greene's original screenplay, a tale of mystery and suspense with a dash of unlikely love thrown in, set in a 1949 Vienna still reeling from the effects of the war -- and grappling with black-market crime. It's a film-noir classic. Starring Joseph Cotten, Alida Valli, Orson Welles, Trevor Howard, Wilfrid Hyde-White, and Bernard Lee.

7:30 PM
Oct. 11, 2019

8:00 PM
Oct. 11, 2019

Guy Davis has spent his musical life carrying his message of the blues around the world, from the Equator to the Arctic Circle; his work as an actor, author, and music teacher earmark him as a renaissance man of the blues. But he doesn’t want you to notice how much art is involved when he plays. “It takes work making a song that’s simple, and playful, and easy to do,” he says. “And I don’t want people to see that. I want some little eight-year-old kid in the front row to have big eyes and say, ‘Hey, I want to do that!’.” Join us for a very special performance by Guy as he shares his favorite songs and stories.

La Transazione

We are proud to present the area premiere of “La Transazione,” a short film written and directed by Lora Lee Ecobelli. Set on Ellis Island in 1910, where three sisters who have traveled to America for arranged marriages await their husbands-to-be. A human story that deeply resonates with today’s immigration issues, it is based on a true story.

7:30 PM
Sept. 14, 2019

The 39 Steps

So what if it isn't faithful to the novel it's based on? It's a Hitchcock film, and one of his early classics. Robert Donat is falsely accused of murder, and has to clear his name even as he tries to hunt out a sinister organization bent on the usual nefarious stuff sinister organizations like to pursue. With Madeline Carroll (who ends up handcuffed to him), Peggy Ashcroft, John Laurie, and Miles Malleson.

1:30 PM
Sept. 7, 2019

Song Soup

Our third year presenting this community-based musical melange, featuring guitarist-singers Daryl Kosinski and Chuck Weiss, fiddler Sue Casler, and ­keyboardist Ron Burch. It's a free-form presentation of songs old and new, embracing a wide range of styles while still keeping a
small-town, we’re-jamming-for-the-fun-of-it feel.

7:30 PM
Aug. 4, 2019

War and Peace

When the Russian government decided that they needed a film of the massive Tolstoy novel, they enlisted the inexperienced but brilliant Sergei Bondarchuk to put it together. Despite nearly bankrupting the Soviet treasury, he made a masterpiece. Here it is in all its 7-hour glory, with three intermissions, including a long one for dinner. This promises to be a one-of-a-kind event, so plan to spend your day enjoying this astonishing cinematic spectacle.


7:30 PM
July 21, 2019

Enjoy songs of the Civil War with a group that has been specializing in this music for two decades. The quartet comprises Allen Brenner, fiddle, who formed the group; Kevin Smith, guitar, who brings more than 40 years of musical experience and a wide range of styles to the group; Mike Fox, ­mandolin, who joined his first re-enacting unit in the l990s and merges interests in music and history; and Teresa Deckard, flute & whistles, a descendant of 19th-century composer Septimus Winner (“Listen to the Mockingbird”), and a keen student of the music of that era.

7:00 PM
July 5, 2019

Fiddle Jam

String players of all ages and skill levels are invited to join in an Old Time String Jam at 7:30 pm Sunday, July 21, 2019, led by special guest artist Andrea Hoag – who, for more than 40 years, has devoted herself to traditional fiddling. She was awarded a fellowship from the Skandia Music Foundation, studying at Sweden’s respected Malungs folkhögskola, earning the certificate in Folk Violin Pedagogy in 1984.

7:30 PM
June 22, 2019

Songs along the Mohawk

Byron Nilsson and Malcolm Kogut take you on a musical journey that celebrates songs about the Erie Canal and other Mohawk Valley points of interest, including a number enthusiastically mocked by Mark Twain (and we’ve got the Twain text on hand to prove it). Also songs of the Vaudeville Era, a temperance number, and some funny surprises!

Drank the Gold

Oona Grady (fiddle/viola/vocals) and James Gascoyne (guitar/banjo/vocals) play and sing North Atlantic dance tunes and folk songs. Oona honed her skills as a fiddle player and Irish music specialist while living in Cork, Ireland; James, a Louisville native, was surrounded by music from an early age, and specializes in American old time and Irish dance tunes.

11:00 AM
Sept. 21, 2019

Harvest Festival

It's the second annual Glen Harvest Fest hosted by The Glen Conservancy and the 77th NY Regimental Balladeers. Events include children’s historic games with Shari Crawford, face and pumpkin painting, gifts, crafts and music. Tracie Soper’s Glen Cottage Farm and The Rustic Red House at the Glen Country Store will be open with special activities for the day, including flowers, gifts, crafts, food and special treats. And the 77th NY Regimental Balladeers will present a concert at 2:00 pm, followed by a dance.

7:00 PM
Sept. 4, 11, 18, & 25 2019

Chord Theory Workshops

Daryl Kosinski leads a four-week  chord theory workshop series. You will explore creating chords for guitar and other instruments. It is designed to help musicians at any skill level to learn how to build chords. All instruments welcome; bring instruments and a notebook and pencil. The series is free and will be held on Wednesday evenings in September.

7:30 PM
July 20, 2019

Big Galut(e)

Big Galut(e) performs a unique repertoire of Jewish music spanning five continents and six centuries. Noted by critics for “the virtuosity of its members,” the band has  appeared as soloists with orchestra, at the National Yiddish Book Center, at chamber music venues, at colleges from Stanford to Oberlin to Hebrew Union, and at temples, synagogues, and JCCs from Hawaii to the East Coast. Their repertory includes Klezmer originals and new twists on old tunes; classical pieces; tangos from Buenos Aires and Broadway; comic songs; and much more.

7:00 PM
June 6, 2019

The Circus

It’s our first movie event at the Hall, and we’re starting off with a classic. The Circus won Charles ­Chaplin his first Academy Award, in 1929. It’s the story of a tramp who evades police by hiding in a circus, where he proves to be a hilarious act. Trouble is, he can’t seem to be funny on purpose. We’re showing this silent classic in all its black-and-white glory, with popcorn that won’t, we hope, be overpriced, along with a bounty of other goodies.

7:00 PM
Sept. 19, 2019

Mohawk Valley Fiddlers Meeting

It’s an organizational meeting to create a local chapter of the New York State Old Tyme Fiddlers’ Association. No sense fiddling by your lonesome when there are like-minded neighbors. Needless to say, you should pack your Strad and plenty of rosin for this event and be prepared to kick up some fun. Hosted by Susan Casler, one of our favorite performers.

7:30 PM
Aug. 9, 2019

Singin' in the Rain

Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds, and Donald O'Connor headline the cast in this MGM production that's often termed the best screen musical ever made. Using classic songs by Arthur Freed and Nacio Herb Brown, we go back to the days when the talkies were making life miserable for those whose voices were no good. Featuring incredible dancing, timeless songs, a breathtaking acrobatic routine by O'Connor, and, of course, the iconic title song sequence. Script by Betty Comden and Adolph Green; directed by Stanley Donen and Gene Kelly.

7:00 PM
July 11, 2019

The Wind

Can the wind drive a person crazy? Find out as Lillian Gish makes a trek to the windswept Texas plains and encounters a terrifying cyclone and an even more terrifying Montagu Love in this silent classic from 1928. This was Gish’s final silent movie, and the last one directed by Swedish actor-director Victor Sjöström. It’s considered a classic of the genre. Enjoy a tasty dinner at the Rustic Red House, which is practically across the street, beforehand! We're dedicating this showing to the idiots at Bowling Green State University.

7:30 PM
May 18, 2019

The Melody Makers

Big bands date back more than a hundred years, but their coronation took place in 1935 when Benny Goodman hit it big at the Palomar Ballroom. This great sound is celebrated by the Burnt Hills-based Melody Makers, a sixteen-piece big band that celebrates these classic stylings with instrumental and vocal numbers that will bring back memories and encourage you to get up and dance.