The Glen Conservancy was established in 2002 with the mission of engaging in educational and cultural activities in support of the built and natural environments, encouraging historic preservation, and preserving rural character and open spaces in the hamlet of Glen and greater Town of Glen, Montgomery County, NY.

Since 2003, the Glen Conservancy has owned and maintained the village green on the curve of Route 30A in the heart of the Glen Historic District. Each year we sponsor the Town’s annual Memorial Day parade and ceremony in the triangular green. We also maintain this park for community use, planting flowers and hanging flags throughout the town.

In 2013, the Glen Conservancy took title to the timber-frame structure that is now called Conservancy Hall. This structure was built in 1830 for the congregation of the True Dutch Reformed Church of Glen and Charleston. They paid William P. Pruyne $1,200 “for building a meeting house according to contract,” with clapboard walls and arch-topped multi-paned “gothick” windows. It is the only remaining regional example of this meeting house architectural type.

In the late 1840s, the original Greek Revival portico was enclosed to form a vestibule and choir loft. The Glen Reformed Church took over the building in the 1930s to function as their church hall. Until 2012 it was regularly used for community meetings, pancake suppers, and cultural events. In August 2013, a major transverse beam and most of the ceiling collapsed due to hidden water damage. The Glen Conservancy acquired the building and, with the assistance of neighbors and volunteers, cleared the debris and reinforced the roofing truss system. We are now in the process of restoring the structure to return it to use as a community arts and cultural center.

The 2024 Community Concert Series marks our eighth year of public performances for friends and neighbors of - and more-distant visitors to - the Town of Glen, and we look forward to your continued appreciation and support.

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